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Trinidad, Colorado

Organized October 28, 2006



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The Daughters of the American Revolution have a long association with the Santa Fe Trail.  In about 1900 enterprising members of the organization began the very progressive project of “marking†remnants of the Old Trail, all the way from Franklin, Missouri to Santa Fe, in Nuevo Mejico. Most of the small granite markers they placed along the way are still there.  They mark ruts left in the prairies by the heavy freight wagons, watering holes, camp spots, and natural landmarks such as mountain passes and remarkable rock formations. 

Two major DAR Santa Fe Trail monuments - as opposed to the small granite markers - are located in or near Trinidad.  One is in a field at El Moro, just east of Trinidad, the other is in town in city-owned Kit Carson Park. 

The Santa Fe Trail was not an immigrant trail.  It was an international road of commerce between a Mexico newly independent of the Spanish crown, and a rapidly expanding United States of America. Commerce on the Trail began in 1821 when Missouri businessman William Becknell took a mule train of trade goods to product-hungry Santa Fe.  Soon, strings of pack mules and lumbering freight wagons were crossing the 800-plus miles of virtually barren wilderness. 

In 1846 Colonel Stephen W. Kearny led his approximately 1,600 man "Army of The West" from Missouri across the "Great American Desert" to a camp right here in what is now Trinidad, on the Rio de las Animas Perdido en Purgatorio  (now called the Purgatoire River), across Raton Pass and on down the Trail to Santa Fe.  In addition to his 1,600 men, Kearny's army included 1,400 wagons and field pieces, 15,000 oxen, 4,000 mules, and uncounted teamsters, muleteers, and drovers.  Ultimately, Kearny's journey, his bloodless occupation of Santa Fe and his trip onward from there to help raise the Bear Flag in California, was responsible for adding Southern Colorado, West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and all of California to the Union.  A pivotal event in American history and it took place right in Trinidad on the Santa Fe Trail.

A chapter was previously here from 1912-1983, but had to disband.  Twenty years later, individuals in the community felt the chapter needed to be reappear and started the chapter again.  New members with new projects, the chapter has a fresh start.

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Chapter Officers

Regent Gwen Sciacca
Vice Regent Barbara Privitt
Chaplain Lori Mann
Recording Secretary Louise Clapp
Corresponding Secretary Michelle Kinder
Treasurer Pamela Russell
Registrar Patty Kinder
Historian Melissa Bonacquista
Parliamentarian Virginia Anderson

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Our Organizing Members

Nineteen members from all areas surrounding the Trinidad area started the chapter.  Our organizational meeting was Saturday, October 28, 2006.  

  1. Dorothy Aicega
  2. Donna Allendorf
  3. Virginia Anderson
  4. Louise Clapp
  5. Roberta Cordova
  6. Mary Ann Davis
  7. Jean Dochter
  1. Jamie Gagliardi
  2. Pamela Ham
  3. Cosette Henritze
  4. Constance LaLena
  5. Donna Litt
  6. Patricia Mabry
  1. Diane Mason
  2. Marsi Mason
  3. Sally Miller
  4. Juliette Mondot
  5. Kimberly Pelham
  6. Leslee Toupal

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Membership Inquiries

Our mission is to promote patriotism, education and historic preservation.  Our chapter activities include promoting American history throughout the year by honoring historically significant people, places, dates, and events.

We recognize students with awards and scholarships.  We have connections with our family members in promoting service efforts.  We support the Constitution of the United States of America, the patriotic values of our country, and the military men and women who serve the nation.  We have developed valuable and lifelong relationships with other DAR members during projects, events, and social events.  We provide opportunities to improve leadership capabilities by taking on responsibilities at chapter, state and national level.

We meet the second Saturday of every month at 10:00am, September through June.  For more information about our next meeting or about membership, please contact Chapter Regent Gwen Sciacca or Chapter Registrar Patty Kinder.

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